Tobacco E-Liquid Concentrate and NET Tobacco Concentrates

Premium quality Tobacco Concentrates to make your Tobacco E-liquid. Here we have sweet blends, Virginia Flavours, Dark Concentrates and other fantastic blends.

These Tobacco Flavour Concentrates are the perfect option for anyone looking to take the first steps down the road of mixing their own DIY Tobacco flavoured E-liquid.

Many of our Tobacco Concentrates are made with real (NET) 100% Natural Extracted Tobacco flavour and most can be found as a Tobacco E-liquid.

Making your Tobacco E-liquid with Concentrate

A 10 ml Bottle of Tobacco Concentrate will easily make a 60 ml bottle of Tobacco E-liquid. Simply squirt the Concentrate into a 60 ml bottle, add your PG, VG, Nicotine or Nicotine Shots shake and Vape

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