What is Dark Tobacco?
At BCL we use many different types of Tobacco Leaf and one of these is Dark Fired. This is a mature leaf, versatile and produces a woody dark aroma and strong taste. We use this Dark Leaf in many of our Tobacco creations.

Dark Tobacco Flavour E-liquid
At Tobacco Vape Co, we use Dark Tobacco from all over the world to produce some fantastic tasting Tobacco blends from Air Cured, Fire Cured and blends with other Tobaccos added.

Nicotine Strengths & Ratios
For MTL or New Vapers use a ratio of 50/50 or 60/40 at 6-12 mg. For Direct to Lung Vapers use a higher VG juice like Max VG or 70/30 at 0-3 mg strength.

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