What is Perique Tobacco?

Perique Tobacco is known for its super strength, robustness, powerful and fruity taste. Tobacco leaves are packed into old whisky casks and subjected to pressure to produce a one of a kind flavour. Perique is rare and very hard to find. Read more about Perique Tobacco.

Perique Tobacco Flavour E-liquid

At Tobacco Vape Co, we use a stunning Perique leaf that is steeped for 8 months, filtered and then used in many of our special Tobacco blends.

Nicotine Strengths & Ratios

For MTL or New Vapers use a ratio of 50/50 or 60/40 at 6-12 mg. For Direct to Lung Vapers use a higher VG juice like Max VG or 70/30 at 0-3 mg strength.

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