RY4 Tobacco E-liquid

RY4 is probably the oldest Tobacco flavour to date. Combining flavours such as Caramel and Vanilla the RY4 trend has taken over the world. RY4 can be sweet and dessert based when creams are added or can be more Tobacco based with subtle hints of Caramel and Vanilla.

RY4 Tobacco Flavour E-liquid

At Tobacco Vape Co, we have a huge range of classic RY4 Tobaccos and also our own special RY4 blends with other flavours added.

Nicotine Strengths & Ratios

For RY4 MTL or New Vapers use a ratio of 50/50 or 60/40 at 6-12 mg. For RY4 Direct to Lung Vapers use a higher VG juice like Max VG or 70/30 at 0-3 mg strength.

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