Tobacco E-liquids

If you are a Tobacco Vaper or you are thinking about trying out a Tobacco Vape you have come to the right place. At Tobacco-Vape we have the UK’s biggest selection of the most sort after Tobacco E-liquids you are going to find anywhere.

Tobacco is not just your everyday roll up tobacco flavour you find in your local shop. We use raw Tobacco leaves that come in small batches and are in a whole range of different tobacco flavours such as Latakia, Burley, Virginia, Dark Cured Leaf, Fired Cured, Perique to name a few. We mix these together and steep these using our long, natural maturing process and once the maturing is done we filter the goodness leaving amazing tasting Pure 100% Natural Extracted Tobacco or (NET).

Each bottle of Tobacco Vape Juice has been perfectly created to suit your Vaping style. We give you many options for you to choose so you can choose the perfect Nicotine Strength and mixture to suit the Vape device you have.

Tobacco E-juice’s are perfect at 60%vg 40%pg mixture but we give you the options for you if you like your Tobacco Juice thicker or thinner so we suggest trying a few mixtures to see which one you like the most.

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